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“Kiwi” by Jeff Johnson

"Kiwi" by Jeff Johnson

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Suitcase (Origin Records) by Jeff Johnson

Editor's Comments
Sometimes the slightest shift makes the biggest difference. Johnson almost has got himself a straight-ahead jazz album, but it's like listening to its reflection in hazy water. Good stuff.

As a teen, bassist Jeff Johnson was inspired by Ernest Hemingway and his way of writing from experience, giving rich, human impressions of events surrounding him. Johnson uses that inspiration as a guide on Suitcase as a way to more vividly convey his life experiences through composition and storytelling. Having forged a deeply creative improvisational partnership over the last twenty years with saxophonist Hans Teuber, his decision to team here with newer musical partners - pianist Steve Moore and drummer Eric Eagle - creates a lively balance of the well-known and less-known to assure there will always be more chapters to be written.

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