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“Hyku For Peace / Come Ye” by Dwight Trible

"Hyku For Peace / Come Ye" by Dwight Trible

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Label Love Vol. 5: The Jazz Edition (Katalyst) by Dwight Trible

Editor's Comments
This enchantingly soulful track displays that age has only improved Trible's vintage. Astral Jazz that harks back to the 1970s, while also sounding like modern space travel.

Cosmic is the long awaited recording by Dwight Trible, one of the most prolific vocalists of the time. This recording is the follow up to his critically acclaimed Living Water, which made a big impression throughout the world. Dwight brings an A-list cast of characters to bring forth his heartfelt expressions of love for human kind and for love itself: Musicians like Grammy nominee John Beasley and long time collaborator Munyungo Jackson help create the Cosmic landscape. Also noted are appearances by Kenneth Crouch, Trevor Ware, Dexter Story, George Harper, Kamau Daaood, Peter Jacobson, and Justo Almario. With a cast like this it is easy to imagine all of the musical territory covered in this recording.

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