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“Tanqueray & Tonic” by Jesse Fischer

"Tanqueray & Tonic" by Jesse Fischer

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Retro Future (ObliqSound) by Jesse Fischer

Editor's Comments
I recognized Fischer's name from about a year ago when he submitted a track from his last album to the AAJ dotd. As I listened to the track, I remember thinking, "This isn't my thing." And then I listened to it again. And again. It's still not my thing, but there's no mistaking the catchy groove Fisher develops, and how it gets tough to step away from his tune, whether it's your "thing" or not. Good stuff.

Personnel: Jesse Fischer, rhodes, moog, and organ; Brian Hogans, alto sax and flute; Jean Caze, trumpet and flugelhorn; Corey King, trombone; David Linaburg, guitar; Solomon Dorsey, bass; Shawn Banks, percussion; Gabriel Wallace, drums;

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