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“Freedmantown” by Reggie Quinerly

"Freedmantown" by Reggie Quinerly

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Music Inspired by Freedmantown (Self Produced) by Reggie Quinerly

Editor's Comments
Very cool track. That wonderful mix of highs and lows that proves the blues can be a joyful feeling, too. A straight-ahead tune, and one with its own way of expressing it. Good stuff.

The title track "Freedmantown" speaks to the resourceful nature of the human spirit, as the establishment of homes, businesses, schools and the churches became the cornerstone of this community. With a vibe that celebrates the significance of the latter, this tune tips its hat to the multicultural charters that helped form two of Houston’s oldest African American churches: Antioch Baptist and Trinity Methodist Episcopal. It must be noted that people of many ethnic groups also called Freedmantown home, and the institutions they created helped to serve and support newly emancipated Black slaves. The mention of West Dallas in the lyrics is in reference to a Freedmantown street, not the Texan city of Dallas. The vocals, lyrics, arrangement and keyboards are all by the talented Enoch Smith Jr., while trumpeter Antoine Drye and trombonist Corey King also contribute outstanding solos.

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