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“Gå din väg” by Blommor Inomhus

"Gå din väg" by Blommor Inomhus

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Blommor Inomhus (Self Produced) by Blommor Inomhus

Editor's Comments
One of the most exciting releases of 2012. A core trio of vocals, trombone, and piano, Blommor Inomhus adds orchestration for about half of the tracks, including the one featured today as the AAJ download of the day. What begins with a swell of dissonance becomes sweet and light, then enters an engagingly catchy passage before going out with a bang. I highly recommend this album. Enjoy!

Composed by Gustav Davidsson, "Gå din väg" is from our self-titled debut album, recorded Summer 2012 outside Gotenburg, Sweden. Blommor Inomhus is Karolina Almgren (vocals), Gustav Davidsson (trombone), and Karl Magnus Andersson (piano). Playing with us on this track is "den episka orkestern", some of our friends.

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