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“Les Soldats” by Jean Lapouge

"Les Soldats" by Jean Lapouge

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Des Enfants (Musea Records) by Jean Lapouge

Editor's Comments
This trio of guitar, vibes, and trombone presents a set of compelling and strangely beautiful tunes. Entire album easily a favorite of mine for 2012, and following on the heels of 2011 release Temporare, Lapouge is two for two in quality releases over the span of the last two years. Enjoy!

I am clearly at odds with timelines.... Take Noëtra's recordings, released with utter disregard for chronological order: a discographical puzzle! Once again, my new CD Des Enfants, scheduled for release in september 2012, will compile two recording sessions with my Lapouge/Bopp/Paboeuf trio – both pre-'Temporäre'. The tracks were recorded in 2005 and 2007 in Kent (Carter)'s studio.

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