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“Lost Without....” by Jared C. Balogh

"Lost Without...." by Jared C. Balogh

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Rhythms Of Life (Happy Puppy Records) by Jared C. Balogh

The song "Lost Without...." is about my dog Kyuss. She passed away on Sept. 20th, 2011. She was my best friend. This song is my interpretation of the way I felt without her a few weeks after she passed away. "Rhythms Of Life" is a 10 song experimental/avant-garde jazz album written in notation/electronic sheet music. The songs on the album are arranged in order according to the flow and feel of the album as a whole. The Theme of "Rhythms Of Life" is a perspective of my life over the last year and expresses the dynamics, emotions and experiences of family issues, foreseeing future events, reminiscing of great times, traps and schemes of work/job, asking for a miracle to save a loved ones life, having some one you love deeply pass away, when life is moving in a good rhythm, the patterns of day to day life, and the needing to re-find a cohesive bond in a long term relationship. Share More Albums A Compilation From Compilations Of Compositions Catchy Pop Left Chaotic-Life-Fin Detaching Realities Detaching Realities Vol. 2 DRIFTING SOUL Glimmer Of Hope Irrelevant Future Lunar Elegance Remember, Mourn, Rejoice Revitalized Eyes Simplistic Future Album Rhythms Of Life 01. Bridging and Mending (05:40) 02. Provident Winds (04:41) 03. Burgundy Eve (05:05) 04. The Same Old Traps and Schemes (02:51) 05. An Angel Will Come (06:19) 06. Lost Without.... (07:42) 07. Profound Groove On The Rise (04:35) 08. Good Morning Good Evening Good Night (04:03) 09. Morning Grind Evening Chill (04:52) 10. Where (08:57) UPLOADED:01/10/2012 LISTENS:7291 STARRED:0 COMMENTS:0 DOWNLOADS:11007 EMBED THIS ALBUM: » VIEW ARTIST PAGE

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