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“Room 1618” by Benjamin Herman

"Room 1618" by Benjamin Herman

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Deal (Dox Records) by Benjamin Herman

Editor's Comments
A fun track from a fun album. Hermann brings a coolness and a sense of nostalgia in his music, and the addition of a string ensemble for this album just ramps up both qualities. Lovely.

I started working on this music March 2011 and finished it in May 2012. I think it’s one of my best so far. Finding a balance between the orchestra and the band was very interesting to say the least. With Joost Kroon on my old Westend drum kit, Willem on mellotron, Manuel Hugas on his Honer bass guitar, Carlo’s Hammond and Jesse’s incredible guitar collection I was looking to create and ode to classic European b-movies of the 60’s and the 70’s. But without making it sound like pastiche. And I also wanted it to sound like a jazz album. So there were no charts when we went in to the studio. Like some of my favorite recording sessions I had a bunch of ideas and we worked them out on the spot. After recording the quintet me and arranger Willem Friede sat down with the rough mixes and made the string charts and recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

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