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“Intuition” by Igor Matković

"Intuition" by Igor MatkoviÄ

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Sonic Motion (Celinka Records) by Igor Matković

Editor's Comments
Atmospheric trumpet jazz album. Beautiful soaring moments, with some decent grounding through the rhythm section. Fans of Nils Petter Molvaer should be paying attention here.

Intuition is a song from a debut record of a Slovenian trumpeter, composer and producer Igor Matković. "Intuition" was created at the end of the composition process. A simple motif repeats itself like a pattern throughout the song – except in the piano solo – as guide, the right path which is always intuitively available to us. But the path is far too often drowned by other sounds. In the improvisation, the melody of the trumpet approaches the motif and distances itself from it. The trumpet's voice searches for a way to trust its own intuition.

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