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“Sveitin” by Einar Scheving

"Sveitin" by Einar Scheving

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Cycles (Self Produced) by Einar Scheving

Editor's Comments
I don't normally feature tracks from older releases, but I became familiar with Cycles after hearing Scheving's latest release (which is also a featured AAJ dotd). This is one of the most sublime beautiful albums I've heard. Magical, dreamlike, a pleasant sense of drifting through space. Highly recommended, especially to fans of the ECM label.

The opening track from Einar's debut album, Cycles, for which he won Best Jazz Album at the 2008 Icelandic Music Awards. Cycles features Einar’s original music, written specifically for his quartet comprising of some of Iceland’s finest musicians; bassist Skuli Sverrisson, pianist Eythor Gunnarsson, and tenor-saxophonist Óskar Gudjonsson. Although the music on Cycles is considered jazz, it has some definite elements of Icelandic folk music, as well as impressionism.

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