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“Mars Apes” by Sandy Eldred

"Mars Apes" by Sandy Eldred

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Mars Apes (Self Produced) by Sandy Eldred

Editor's Comments
Nifty tune that really comes together as it progresses. Sax, piano, bass and drums talk at their own speed, but the quartet still sounds as one voice. Pretty good. Some nice thematic changes, especially in the way the tune goes out.

As one of several Graduate Ensembles in 2011, Mark Allen, Dave Bozenhard, Rihards Fedotovs, and Sandy Eldred dedicated themselves to exploring an original body of work and developing a distinctive group identity. Their music is rich in grooves, textured, odd time signatures, and mixed meters, executed with virtuosic ease. The title track "Mars Apes" was conceived and composed by bassist Sandy Eldred after he had an image of an invasion of apes and what the result might look and sound like musically.

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