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“Reminiscencias” by Moksha Trio

"Reminiscencias" by Moksha Trio

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Introspection (Self Produced) by Moksha Trio

Editor's Comments
Really nifty tune. Extended improvisation that doesn't lose its cohesion. Display of restraint to great effect. Very nice sound.

Debut album, but conceived by experienced musicians, “Moksha Trio” made available an acoustic exemplar intense and well-designed. “Moksha”, from Sanskrit means freedom, liberation, diversion. It represents what the musicians seek musically, which means “a fusion of jazz characteristics and contemporary classical music elements, having the Brazilian-Afro rhythm’s structure as support”. Using these three pillars, Gilberto Ferri (piano), Lauro Lellis (drums) e Felipe Alves (Bass) assemble a complex sonority which reckon with the fact that it does not sound in an abstract form or a loose way.

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