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“The Dove” by Lynne Arriale

"The Dove" by Lynne Arriale

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Solo (Motema Music) by Lynne Arriale

Editor's Comments
Stunningly beautiful song. This album is an early favorite to land on my year-end Best Of 2012 list. The same evocative strength of Don Pullen, in Arriale's own voice.

With each new release and each new tour, Lynne Arriales critical acclaim and audience appeal seems to reach another stratum. With the release of her new recording Solo, Arriale once again engages the spirit of reinvention and rises above the very best of her past efforts with an album of sublime beauty and virtuosity. The spotlight is directly on Arriale's piano artistry, and her passionate spirit for this instrument, and for this music, shines with layers of deep emotion. "Some people write in their journals . . . I create my journal through music; expressing what I cannot put into words," said Arriale.

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