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“Tremble” by Aaron Immanuel Wright

"Tremble" by Aaron Immanuel Wright

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People Calling (Origin Records) by Aaron Immanuel Wright

Editor's Comments
A track that should appeal to modern and classic jazz fans alike. Plenty of swing here, a warm tune that burns as much as it shines.

Over the last year, Chicago saxophonist Dudley Owens and New York bassist Aaron Immanuel Wright conceptualized the production of a new project that would have their modern compositions executed with strong "old-school" sonic qualities. More importantly, they set out to make instrumental music that reflects the powerful protest-based political changes going on in the world. The title track features Owens, Wright, and drummer Clif Wallace singing backgrounds that say, very simply, "oh, the people calling." The quintet is rounded out with Willerm Delisfort on piano and Justin Stanton on trumpet.

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