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“New Horizon” by Tanya Balakyrska

"New Horizon" by Tanya Balakyrska

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Lviv Sessions (Self Produced) by Tanya Balakyrska

Editor's Comments
Vocal track that strays a bit away from jazz and into smooth contemporary, but it has its moments, and even though it's not personally my thing, I found this song to be very likable, and decided to find a spot for it on the schedule.

Tanya Balakyrska's debut album, composed in 2010 and is considered one of the brightest and catchiest songs of Tanya's so far. Recorded in Lviv, Ukraine, in spring 2011, Tanya sings of things she considers most important: the miracle of birth and death, the relationship between people who love and hurt each other, the ways a man can get happy, the essence of life, the moments of nearness to God.

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