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“House of Smoke” by Isaac Jaffe

"House of Smoke" by Isaac Jaffe

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Telenovela, Vol. 1 (Self Produced) by Isaac Jaffe

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Jaffe refers to his music as post hardcore jazz, which actually isn't far off from the sound of this album. It's a more boisterous version of the Indie influenced jazz that's becoming more predominant these days. It has the roar of Rock and the wandering melodies of Indie and the heart of free jazz. Todd Sickafoose Tiny Resistors fans should pay attention here. Jazz from the Brooklyn scene.

House of Smoke features a bluesy Mingus style horn line building into an epic crescendo of polyrhythms dancing through dark, compelling harmony. Telenovela's Post-Hardcore Jazz mixes exciting rhythm, harmony, and immediately engaging melodies to create an entirely new sound drawn out of a diverse array of American music. Telenovela is: Jackie Coleman (trumpet), Nicholas Myers (tenor sax), Kirk Schoenherr (guitar), Sam Levin (drums) and Isaac Jaffe (bass).

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