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“Josephine” by Bad Luck

"Josephine" by Bad Luck

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Two (Table & Chairs) by Bad Luck

Editor's Comments
I'm stunned at how cool this track is. Begins softly, then a sudden jolt of unleashed emotion, then back to gentle music for a while, until it slowly builds intensity up to the finish.

Melancholy lines combine with gritty, hard-edged melodies on Bad Luck's Two, a new double-disc sonic manifesto from Seattle's acclaimed avant drum and saxophone duo of drummer Chris Icasiano and saxophonist Neil Welch. Disc One showcases the duos remarkable ability to communicate purely acoustically. The second disc expands on their prowess in the field of modern day electronics. Using live loops and pedals on equal footing with their meticulously crafted natural sound, Bad Lucks fierce energy and compositional style create an astounding sonic universe.

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