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“Opener” by Alexandra Lehmler

"Opener" by Alexandra Lehmler

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No Blah Blah (Jazz'N'Arts) by Alexandra Lehmler

Editor's Comments
Tune has plenty of drive, though the tempo shifts back and forth, it retains a warm lyricism. The entire album is pretty nifty. Lehmler's work on bass clarinet is way cool.

Mannheim saxophonist Alexandra Lehmler has intensely studied the old masters of jazz; an influence of different jazz epochs appears over and over again in her play. Inward-looking melody lines and lyrical subjects Lehmler's vibrating tones on the sax, mainly blown in the bright scale, the smooth lines and the song-like melody guidance are put by Klaus Mmpfer in the jazz platform in words, as "unmistakable". Personnel: Alexandra Lehmler (alto & soprano sax, bass clarinet), Daniel Prandl (piano), Matthias Debus (bass), Max Mahlert (drums), and Farouk Gomati (percussion).

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