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“Smells Like French” by Upper Left Trio

"Smells Like French" by Upper Left Trio

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Ulternative (Origin Records) by Upper Left Trio

Editor's Comments
Hopping tune that cuts back and forth like a running back slicing through a defensive line. Quick jitter steps, then bursts of speed. A trio that's got plenty to say and that, thankfully, balances its expression with its swing. Nice stuff. Jazz from the Portland, Oregon scene.

For their fourth Origin release, Portland, Oregon's Upper Left Trio pushes their hallmark interplay to new dynamic and textural heights. Combining introspection with a hard-hitting rhythmic approach, Ulternative signals the next evolutionary step for this eloquent ensemble of pianist Clay Giberson, bassist Jeff Leonard and drummer Charlie Doggett. "Upper Left Trio can boast being one of the more articulate and thoughtful new trios to emerge in the mainstream 21st century." -All About Jazz

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