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“PMS Alert! (Piet's Manic Scream Alert!)” by Piet Verbist

"PMS Alert! (Piet's Manic Scream Alert!)" by Piet Verbist

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Zygomatik (Origin Records) by Piet Verbist

Editor's Comments
Easily tops my early list of favorite new releases of 2012. Manages to blend melancholy and party time into the same sound. Brilliant, fun, and thoughtful. Highly recommended.

With an energized mix of jazz, soul, rock & funk, Antwerp, Belgian bassist Piet Verbist's Zygomatik takes the classic, mostly acoustic jazz quartet instrumentation to new places on the band's debut recording. The core trio of Verbist, drummer Herman Pardon, and Bram Weijters on Fender Rhodes, is joined by three saxophonists - Matt Renzi and Fred Delplancq on tenor, Vinicent Brijs on baritone- as they slip and slide through a set of eight joyous originals.

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