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“Samba Galactica” by Dennis Rollins

"Samba Galactica" by Dennis Rollins

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The 11th Gate (Motema Music) by Dennis Rollins

Editor's Comments
Wonderful album. Surprisingly lyrical for the unusual combo of trombone, organ, and drums. Much more than just a funk groove blowing session; nuanced tunes with delicacy and thoughtfulness. Rollins mixes up the music themes without sacrificing cohesion. Still not sure how he did it. An album that shatters expectations, engages, and remains thoroughly listenable. Enjoy!

"Samba Gallactica" is the lead track on Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio's Motema Music debut CD, The 11th Gate. It features Rollins on trombone, Ross Stanley on Hammond organ, and Pedro Segundo on drums and percussion.

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