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“Borneo” by Lee McAllistair

"Borneo" by Lee McAllistair

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Spellbound (Self Produced) by Lee McAllistair

Editor's Comments
Okay, now, this was pretty. The interaction between piano and guitar is absolutely delightful, and the way McAllistair lets her voice float just above it all is a very satisfying result. Props to Gray on bass for the way he sticks to the background yet remained a formidable voice in the ensemble; it got to where my ear was avidly searching his bass out. Very nice.

'Borneo' is an original jazz track by vocalist and composer Lee McAllistair that evocatively describes the lush tropical landscape of the jungles of Borneo. Written after a long boat trip on a jungle river, the tune lilts gently between 5/4 and 3/4, featuring Mike Simeon Ferguson on piano, Mike Bevan on guitar and Lyndon Gray on bass.

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