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“Pop's Barbershop” by Paris Toon

"Pop's Barbershop" by Paris Toon

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Baptism by Fire (Island Def Jam) by Paris Toon

There exists a place . . . where Jazz Soul music flows freely and impromptu banter erupts into rhythmic rhetoric. A space where wisdom and inspiration grow wild from the most unassuming of seeds. From the best seat in Pops Barbershop comes a prideful reiteration of all things soulful. The tune and the attitude it was born from is a return to honest music, a return to organic instrumentation and pure vocalization. The message that emerges so eloquently from Pops Barbershop is letting those who have recently felt abandoned by the spirit of true Soul music know that everything is gonna be alright. Just sit back and enjoy the groove because, after all, it was created for YOU.

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