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“Part V: Wisdom” by Oriol Roca

"Part V: Wisdom" by Oriol Roca

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La Tomba dei Giganti (Whatabout Music) by Oriol Roca

Editor's Comments
Perhaps it's the restraint displayed by Roca that makes this track so compelling, but the five minutes flew right by and I was sad when the tune ended. This is a nice addition to AAJ's "Saturday, The Fringes" series. Enjoy.

Barcelona born drummer Oriol Roca had no intention to release a solo album. He didn't even plan to perform solo, for that matter. And yet, La Tomba dei Giganti is his first outing under his own name. In August 2009, Paolo Angeli, an amazing Italian improviser, invited Oriol to perform at Isole che Parlano, an arts festival held in the tiny village of Palau, in the Italian island of Sardinia. Italian sound engineer Roberto Monari happened to be there with his recording equipment to document the festival. Oriol was struck to recognize himself so strongly in the music, and he realized it was closer to the way he felt about music than anything else he'd ever done before. And thats how Rocas first ever solo album, recorded on the evening of his first ever solo performance, came to be.

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