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“Nathaniel Hill” by Aaron Staebell

"Nathaniel Hill" by Aaron Staebell

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Bending and Breaking (Self Produced) by Aaron Staebell

Editor's Comments
A song with several chapters. Begins with an easy intro but some subtle tension, followed by a conflict of call and replies that argue and fight for superiority, and then we turn the page to the next chapter, and apparently the main characters have worked their difference out, because the song ends like everyone's at the bar having a friendly drink. Fun tune.

This track comes from an album of original music being dubbed as "renegade jazz". This track is dedicated to Nathaniel Hill, who gave up a life as a pro athlete to be an environmental activist.

Personnel: Aaron Staebell (drums), Chris Ziemba (piano), Dave Chisholm (trumpet), Wills McKenna (tenor sax), and Ben Thomas (bass).

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