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“Carbulator” by Mojo Mancini

"Carbulator" by Mojo Mancini

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Mojo Mancini (Self Produced) by Mojo Mancini

Mojo Mancini is a group of New York City musicians formed out of long standing friendships, hours spent on stages and in studios and a desire to play music with no other agenda than having fun and being musically in the moment. We initially convened to provide a release valve from the pressures and requirements of being working sidemen, engineers, writers and producers. The music on this CD is taken from three nights of recording at a studio on Gansevoort Street in New York City. All but two of the selections were composed spontaneously at the sessions. The approach to the recordings was simple: one musician would start a rhythmic, harmonic, melodic or sonic idea and eventually the other muscians would fall in, searching, defining, experimenting, pushing, laying low, creating melodies, harmonies and grooves. If an idea resonated, we would go with it. Rick DePofi then took on the herculean task of sifting through the hours of performances and editting them down to the 'compositions' you now hear. This music belongs to no particular genre or pre-conceived musical category. It is simply what five very different musicians brought to three profoundly enjoyable nights. --John Leventhal

Mojo Mancini is: Rick DePofi, Conrad Korsch, John Leventhal, Brian Mitchell and Shawn Pelton.

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