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“The Room of Fear” by Adam Baldych

"The Room of Fear" by Adam Baldych

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Magical Theatre (Eleet Records) by Adam Baldych

Editor's Comments
Quite unlike anything I've heard before. At times, it treads on the same Indie-jazz territory as Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors, but really, Baldych seems to have paced off some jazz territory all his own. Beautiful violin with plenty of fire and grace, clearly influenced by other music, very much rooted in jazz. Adam relocated to NYC recently, but this is more excellent jazz from Poland.

The track was recorded in RecPublica Studios, situated in a small village in Poland between 2 beautiful lakes. Inspired by a Polish Traditional music, Classical, and European trends in jazz. Josh Lawrence (trumpet), Pawel Tomaszewski (piano), Andrzej Gondek (guitar), Piotr Zaczek (bass), Jakub Cywiski (upright bass), Michal Bryndal (drums), Adam Sak (background guitar).

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