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“Samba Steps” by JC Stylles

"Samba Steps" by JC Stylles

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Exhilaration & Other States (Motema Music) by JC Stylles

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Whoever wrote the artist description section above nailed it when they used the word 'propelled'. The song is less a sprint and more like a cant; the pace of the song is revealed in the strength of one note leaping ahead into the next. Fun song, and now with summer in the rearview mirror, the natural warmth of a B3-guitar trio is just what the doctor ordered. Jazz from NYC.

Propelled by the rousing, red-blooded jazz guitar of JC Stylles, this disc marks the emergence of a great new guitar master. Along with Lawrence Leathers (drums) and Pat Bianchi (Hammond B3), Stylles expands the guitar/organ trio legacy into exciting new territory.

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