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“Dream Road” by Jan Kopinski

"Dream Road" by Jan Kopinski

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Earth (SLAM Productions) by Jan Kopinski

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This aptly titled song has languid tone, heavy with imagery of setting suns and long empty roads. Sax cries out over gentle piano at a stroll's pace while the viola sweetly sweeps in and breaks hearts. Beautiful song. Jazz from the UK.

From the suite composed by Jan to perform live to the classic 1930 Dovzhenko silent film Zemlya (EARTH). From the scene where a dreamy idyll of rural paradise and family relationships is painted with figures softly presented, almost like icons in the haze, before the central heroic figure dances to his death. The film was frowned upon by the Soviet cultural cadre for being too mystical and pessimistic. Jan (tenor sax), daughter Janina Kopinska (viola) and Steve Iliffe (piano). The album also features his son Stefan, a bassist.

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