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“Foud” by Alekos Vretos

"Foud" by Alekos Vretos

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Mergin' (Jadeo Music) by Alekos Vretos

Editor's Comments
Really a fun tune. It keeps a ferocious pace while retaining a whimsical lighthearted melody throughout. This track was a real surprise to me, having never heard of Alekos before, but his music is definitely something I'll be looking to hear more of. Download and enjoy!

Track 1 of the new album Mergin'.

Composed and arranged by Alekos K. Vretos
(Dedicated to Mother)

This piece is the first one I wrote, giving it a Latin approach in the solo section. This piece features Konstantina Kyriazi and Takis Paterelis. Their improvisations are great like one would expect. The piece, like most in the album, has two parts - the melodies and the solo section - which are completely different in rhythm and feeling. As for the title its just short for Fucking oud. I know it might sound radical, but it was only because I was amazed by the ability of the sound of the oud to blend in this kind of music.

Alekos Vretos Oud; Konstantina Kyriazi Violin; Bassam Saba Nay, Flute; Takis Paterelis Soprano Sax; Dimitris Sevdalis Piano; Giorgos Roulos Double Bass; April Centrone Arabic Percussion (Riqq, Bendir, Shakers); Luis Enrique Bu Pasqual Kikitcha Latin Percussion (Congas, Bongos, Shakers); Seraphim Mpelos Drums.

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