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“Mr. Mario” by Assaf Kehati Quartet

"Mr. Mario" by Assaf Kehati Quartet

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Flowers and Other Stories (Self Produced) by Assaf Kehati Quartet

A second release from Assaf Kehati.

"I was fortunate enough to be able to work with the same group for the last five years and as a result to build a collective sound, share and nourish each other ideas and grow as one unit". (Assaf Kehati)

From the album liner notes:

his playing quickly spoke to me. I found in his improvisations a sincerity and immediacy which are very rare. They were free of the academicism and elaborate compositional elements that smack of preconception. In his phrases an elegant geometry and rhythmic potency seized my attention. When listening to Assaf, I never felt that he was trying to sell me something. I never felt that he was aiming to prove to me how hip his concepts were or how polished his technique was. His music had all the clever and earnest nonchalance of a child. It seemed to say plainly, take it or leave it. With Flowers and Other Stories, Assaf continues in this vain. DAVID LIGHTON, NEW YORK CITY, JANUARY 2011.

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