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“The Opener” by Lars Fiil Quartet

"The Opener" by Lars Fiil Quartet

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Reconsideration (Fiil Free Records/Gateway Music) by Lars Fiil Quartet

The song "The Opener" from the debut album Reconsideration by the young Danish group Lars Fiil Quartet.

Changing effortlessly between well-tempered grooves and ethereal ballads, Reconsideration shows a group that found its own sound from the beginning.

The album, consisting entirely of compositions penned by the leader, shows a band whose understanding of the complexities of musical form belies its young age. While each of the members is certainly a highly skilled musician, instrumental prowess isn't really the issue here. Its about unfolding the melodic beauty of Fiils compositions, creating a mood and a sense of dynamics that ties the work together as a whole. -- All About Jazz

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