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“Zombies” by Tomisheep

"Zombies" by Tomisheep

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Rhodes Trip (AIR M.S.) by Tomisheep

Editor's Comments
Zombies the epi-tome of Bauhaus cool. You may also like to hunt out the MMW's combustication remix for an extra treat. Feel that Zombie burn. #faroutenoughforu

A real Halloween gift for you guys! This is the musical version of the voice of Paul Scofield, taken from the short film "What to do in a Zombie attack" by Joey Carillo, Lone Bannana Productions. Since I'm from an ex-Communist country (Hungary), I find it very amusing to see how similar the style of stupid American propaganda is to the stupid Communist one. This is one of the few songs I did with this type of narration on it. I'm planning on sharing others soon. Even funnier ones!

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