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“Creamy Center” by Peter Epstein

"Creamy Center" by Peter Epstein

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Abstract Realism (Origin Records) by Peter Epstein

Saxophonist Peter Epstein's band, Ide Fixe, has been an act of love (and obsession) since 1997. Along with guitarist Andy Barbera, Sam Minaie on bass, and Matt Mayhall on drums, the group is joined on their debut recording by special guests Gavin Templeton on saxophones and Brian Walsh on bass clarinet, as they create fully realized, spontaneously-composed music with neither discussion or forethought. The occasional compositions that do get played are minimal and are intended merely to tip the same collective improvisational process in a specific direction, always with a mind to making music that is both inherently listenable and transcends any assumed limitations associated with free improvisation. As they pursue their obsessions, Peter Epstein and Ide Fixe are willing to take the arduous route - with no maps or GPS - in order to guide the listeners to some rarely visited, but truly inspired and beautiful places.

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