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“Amor Imposible” by Sacha Boutros

"Amor Imposible" by Sacha Boutros

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Simply Sacha (Diva Latina Productions) by Sacha Boutros

"When first putting on an album of a new singer-- or any singer for that matter, I must admit-- I hold my breath for a minute really hoping that this singer can SING! (this goes for my own recordings too, even to this day!) It's a huge relief when that recording lets you (the listener) sit back and enjoy the voice and not be on the edge of your seat with worries about intonation (singing on/off key) and even better-- feeling heart and soul come through right away. BRAVA Sacha! For letting me hear and feel this real enjoyment in your recording--your debut! Which is hard to believe because although it is your first, it sounds very mature and assured. And I love that you've included some of your own original material and lyrics--lovely, also using what you know and who you are; singing very convincingly in spanish, italian, portugese, french... I love the international quality. The band is first-rate-- very solid, soulful and swinging, no surprise there, with this wonderful line up of players. I really love this abum because first of all, she can SING and it is Sacha coming through--as her own unique self and voice with heart and soul shining through." --Karrin Allyson

Recorded in San Diego. Features Chuchito Valdes, Red Holloway and Geoffrey Keezer

This Track: Word and Music by Sacha Boutros

Irving Flores, Piano
Rob Thorsen, Bass
Duncan Moore Drums
Peter Sprague, Guitar
Monette Marino, Percussion

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