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“Armonica” by Pere Soto & David Valdez

"Armonica" by Pere Soto & David Valdez

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Oasis (Tumi Music) by Pere Soto & David Valdez

Oasis is the result of a rich musical partnership between New York saxophonist David Valdez and Spanish guitarist Pere Soto. These two musicians began their association together in the Pacific Northwest, when Pere Soto spent a few months in Portland, Oregon in 2004. They continued working together in Barcelona during the summer of 2006, where they played some of the top Jazz clubs in Spain (also adding Argentinean born drummer/percussionist Salvador Toscano to the project). Later that year Pere and Salvador flew in to Portland from Barcelona to record Oasis with David Valdez. Long time associate of Valdez and top Latin-Jazz bassist Dan Robbins was also brought from the Bay Area for the session. The Northwest's top pianist Randy Porter, who tours with Charles MacPherson, was recruited for five tracks. Bay Area chromatic harmonica virtuoso Damien Mastersen contributed to two tunes, along with Origin recording artist Tim Jensen (flute, alto flute and bass clarinet). Dan Gaynor, Grammy nominated vocalist Nancy King's accompanist, played keyboards on three tracks.

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