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“Begin Again” by Wilfred Harlan May

"Begin Again" by Wilfred Harlan May

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Let Them Know ( by Wilfred Harlan May

Written by Wilfred Harlan May. Produced by Wilfred Harlan May, Eric Patrick, and Dan Pfeifer.

Wilfred Harlan May, guitar; Ardie Smith, piano; Les Bowden III, bass; Austin Bradley, drums; Steve Joyner, percussion.

Recorded and engineered by Eric Patrick, and mixed by Eric Patrick and Wilfred Harlan May at The University of Memphis Commercial Music Recording Complex in Memphis.

Analog to Digital Transferring by Wilfred Harlan May and Peter Baron at Tribeca Artist Recording Studios, New York, New York.

Digital Mastering by Wilfred Harlan May at Woosic Music, New York, New York.

Publisher: Wilfred Harlan May / Woosic Music Publications (BMI) P.O. Box 480 New York, NY 10027. All rights reserved.

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