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“Blues Jog” by Jonathan Dimond

"Blues Jog" by Jonathan Dimond

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Journeys: People, Places (JDR) by Jonathan Dimond

Inspired by a visit to the Woodford Folk Festival (Australia) in January 2002. Here I saw a performance by the Canadian blues guitarist Harry Manx, who performed on an instrument made by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (the Mohan veena). Bhatt is an inspiration to me in Indian Classical music. The melding of blues and Indian classical music in "Blues Jog" is made possible by the choice of a raga with inherently bluesy aspects - namely the minor and major thirds and a flat seventh degree that are part of Rag Jog. Two of my tabla compositions are utilized in this piece - chakradar tihai which serve as a solo interlude and a coda.

Justin Stephenson, voice; Ken Rosser, guitar; Jonathan Dimond, six- string and fretless electric bass guitars, tabla; Dan Morris, drums

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