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How to Include Album Covers and Photos

Finding and adding album cover art:

Go to a retail site like Amazon or CD Baby. If you can't find the artwork at a retail store site, try the artist's site or the record label's site.

Once at the site, find the album title and the corresponding artwork. If you are at a website like Amazon or CD Universe, click on the album cover art and continue to click on the cover art until it doesn't return a larger version.

If you're a Windows user, right-click on the artwork and select "properties." If you use a Mac, right click (or control-click) on the artwork to open it in a new window.

Download the JPG file to your hard drive.

Once downloaded, upload the artwork by clicking the "Upload album cover art" link on the article submission form.

Finding and adding photos:

We highly recommend Google to find photos.

Upload your photos to the gallery, then learn how to embed your photos in your article here.

Be sure to contact the photographer, ask for permission, and credit accordingly.