Frequently Asked Questions


Am I currently logged in?

No, you are not currently logged in. You can login here if you're an All About Jazz member, or sign up here to become one.

I forgot my password.

Go to the login page and click Reset Password.

Why should I sign up at AAJ?

There are many reasons to sign up. Read about our member benefits here.

How do I sumbit a news announcement?

Please use our online form here. Due to sheer volume, we no longer accept press releases via email.


Where can I find all the free promotional services at AAJ?

You'll find a comprehensive list here.

How do I get my album reviewed?

Follow the instructions on this page.

How can I change the photo at my musician profile page?

Click the "Set Slideshow Sequence" link in the "Photos" box on your musician profile page. From the subsequent page, set the 1-5 sequence, and save.

Why do I need to enter my name and info twice?

We have two types of accounts: a member account, which holds information about you as a user, and a musician profile, which holds information about you as a musician. Your musician profile is central to your presence at AAJ. For a complete description, read AAJ Account vs Musician Profile.