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  • Grahame "Buzz" Ware wrote on October 19, 2011

    Agree with the other posters, great review John.

    The listenability of this 2 set CD is marvellous. One can just listen and listen and listen. This might be the best thing he'd done up to this point in his career. I really liked his two-hander with Metheny....a lot!
    But this project goes Olympian- higher, faster, further- than the aforementioned.
    Especially memorable for me is the hypnotic "Secret Beach" one of his own comps. It shows his sure handed and sensitive left hand and is faintly reminiscent of something that Ralph Towner would compose- wistful, melancholic and yet vibrant with an emotional resolve always part of the inner motivation. The sweetness and light of the opening is given over to something much more powerful as the song goes along.
    Mehldau's rhythm section is right there with him. All the way. They have to work hard with him on this piece but they seem to relish it.
    And so do we.
    Just a wonderful CD for people that don't know about Mehldau. And even more so for those of us that do.