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  • Roger Cotterrell wrote on June 17, 2007 report

    It's not quite true that the only representation of Harriott's free form music is on the 'Abstract' and 'Free Form' records. There is also 'Movement' (1963), which so far has not been reissued on CD. Half of it consists of Harriott's free form music. The rest is straightforward hard bop. It needs some enterprising soul to put it out on CD because it is a fine album.

    Incidentally, so is 'High Spirits', recorded by the Joe Harriott Quintet with the same personnel, which has not so far been reissued on CD and was shamefully neglected on its first issue as an LP. Both 'High Spirits' and 'Movement' thoroughly deserve CD reissue.

    For full information about Harriott's life and music see Alan Robertson, Joe Harriott: Fire in His Soul(London: Northway Publications, 2003.