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  • Bert Bailey wrote on March 25, 2009 report

    The "...great tenorist Bobby Timmons"? I don't think so. How about keyboardist? ...pianist?
    More to the point, this very brief review doesn't give much of a sense of the CD -- beyond a liking for Long Tall Dex and Mr Timmons. Well, roger to that. Which is to say: not very insightful, in my books.
    'Be good to hear how it compares to other CDs, especially of live recordings, or of Dexter in the late 60s, or with pickup groups vs. his usual quartets, etc.

  • John Kelman wrote on March 26, 2009 report

    Thanks for writing in Bert. Just to note: this review was published in 2001, on the cusp of AAJ introducing its Submission and Editorial Guidelines, which hopefully prevent the kind of error (tenorist Timmons? Obviously an oversight from our longstanding and very fine writer, C. Michael Bailey), and also from a time where shorter, capsule reviews were the norm as opposed to the more detailed reviews we (including CMB) publish today.

    I've fixed the mistake - and also added the cover art. I can't ask a contributor to revisit an 8 yr-old review and flesh it out more, so it is what it is.

    That said, we'd love to see you contribute again; there were some initial teething pains, as per those guidelines, but if you'd like to come back to do some writing, please do. You can reach me at Sorry for being out of touch (since you live in Ottawa also), but life is settling down, so that coffee may well be a nice idea sometime soon. Shoot me an email...also, I hope you're looking at this years's jazz festival - one of the best line-ups ever, in my opinion.

    Anyway, thanks again for the catch, and best wishes,