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  • Jason Nedley wrote on August 24, 2007 report

    Here's the link:


  • Joe Robinson wrote on January 20, 2008 report

    Check out People Magazine Issue Jan.28,2008. Look at page 47 at the Slim Fast Ad. The model looks exactly like Betty Mabry Davis, The FUNK QUEEN herself! I think a come back is in the making..I am convinced that she is back. She looks exactly as she looked in the 70's. Bad and Beautiful as ever!She deserves to have her time in the spotlight,because she should be getting her credit due..******

  • Mitzi Kay Jackson wrote on December 08, 2010 report

    I am just getting to know Ms. Betty Davis, I had heard of her even used her picture in a college photoshop project, read Miles biography, and saw her album cover in a badu video and still didn't realize the genius of her. I am listening to her for the first time and inspired - thank you