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  • Physphilmusic wrote on December 31, 2010 report

    Good article. Very informative. But someone who dares to dismiss Nadia Boulanger as merely someone "with a fancy French-sounding name" instantly betrays his narrow-mindedness. I respect both jazz and classical genres, as well as the famous figures within each. Nadia Boulanger is legendary - perhaps not to you, an apparently uninformed "genius" - but to the tens of thousands of people who have heard and been affected by the music compositions of her hundreds of pupils - including Aaron Copland, Elliot Carter, Phillip Glass, Virgil Thompson, Roy Harris...the list goes on and on. If you are unfamiliar with all of these names, better shut up about classical music figures.

  • John Kelman wrote on December 31, 2010 report

    Let's not forget, Physphilmusic, that Jeff writes jazz satire- this is not intended to be taken seriously, even though there is a lot of real information contained within.

    Happy New Year!