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  • Oelgeschlaeger wrote on December 26, 2009 report

    One perhaps wonders about the fact, that the tracks have no formal names. But after listening closely to the music, it is, at least to me, clear that there was no need for that. What I heard were sound explorations. In order to hear music afresh, in 99 out of 100 cases, I don't read liner notes. So I don't know, whether the music is improvised or composed. But that's not the point. The music kept my attention for the full period of the CD. First of all thanks to Tom Bruno and Matthew Heyner, who varied the intensities, building up and releasing tension. And the same to Daniel Carter and Sabir Mateen. Listening up to 55 minutes for one track in this intensity can be pretty much a task (not to mention wet your pants scary). But not with these guys playing their instruments. The long track builds slowly and logically; the music is very well thought trough and executed. I had the impression, that while listening to it, time flew by. And that's quite a compliment, isn't it?