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  • Joan Gaylord wrote on January 05, 2013 report

    Thank you for a terrific recap of the year. Among the awards presented in 2012, there was also NYC's Jazzmobile Vocal Competition held in Harlem. Emily Braden won first place and Laura Brunner was runner up.

  • Chuck Koton wrote on January 07, 2013 report

    As far as the Grammys restoring the Latin jazz category...Recognition also due master percussionist and band leader,Bobby Matos, who was also a powerful voice of outrage at the Grammys misguided decision. Viva Latin Jazz!

  • Mort Weiss wrote on January 17, 2013 report

    Congrats! to Ruth Price, At the Jazz bakerey -Los Angeles. Will the Chair That I donated to The Bakerey with all the $$ from my first appearence there still be on disply at the new facility?
    Just wondering. Hope all goes well with the new haps! Mort Weiss

  • Mort Weiss wrote on January 17, 2013 report

    Dam, A Lot of people played their final choures-just carefuly read the list to make sure that my name wasn't on it--Whew! It wasn't, so Igues I'll go on with my plans for the new FREE JAZZ ALBUM---(A FIRST) That I'll be doing this year.

    R.I.P. My brothers & sisters in the the Music. Mort