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  • Dom Minasi wrote on December 24, 2012 report

    This is a wonderful CD. It will satisfy whatever jazz palette you like

  • Mort Weiss wrote on December 27, 2012 report

    Thank you Michael for the very astute review. Dom, youre liking it means alot to me-thanks.

    The total time of my little hiatus of not playing and not even having a horn was forty years! The horn that I started with in 2001 is a 1968 Buffet R-13 that I borrowed from my step daugther Dr Kathrine Powers a well known Musicoligist' and thats the horn that i've used on all that I do----will be doing so shortly as i must go PRACTICE:) Happy New Year to all of you. Mort

  • Samuel Chell wrote on January 09, 2013 report

    Wow, John LaPorta? "Very astute" is right, and very well written. My only difference might be that it was half-way into the song before I recognized "Our Delight." And it does occur to me that the omission of a chordal instrument (piano, guitar, vibes, bandoneon) on a CD (twice the running time of an LP) makes this a truly exceptional session--even when compared to the lean textures of early Mulligan, Rollins and Giuffre offerings.

    After viewing the "Best of 2012" list at AMG--practically all with groups executing programs not leaving a note to chance (incl. Krall's "Glad Rag Doll")--I'd say it's rare these days to find a recording that's at heart a good ole blowin' session. When it comes to "second winds," one musician stands alone!

  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on January 09, 2013 report

    Samuel Chell, thank you for your kind words. I had an occasion to correspond with John LaPorta before his death and had review (perhaps) his last CD. I love the clarinet!

  • Samuel Chell wrote on January 09, 2013 report


    I remembered him because of 3 associations: a recording he made with Mingus (on Bethlehem?), his performing with Burton and Metheny at a "Down Beat" music camp, and my (brief) time at Berkeley (where his improv book, not any by Aebersold, was the required text). Nothing as personal as yours--but it's always reassuring to meet people who recognize the same underrated musicians as you do.

    Thanks for the heads up about John's CD and your review of it,


  • Mort Weiss wrote on January 09, 2013 report

    Sam and Michael, The word thanks doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what you two cats understanding of my work means to me. Mort

  • Mort Weiss wrote on January 10, 2013 report

    SHARING. TRACK #10 Confirnation (from my new release "I'LL Be Seeing You) was put in nomination for Rhapsody's EOY JAZZ LIST by Tom Hull Of Jazz Prosprcting on the web. Many thanks Tom. Mort Weiss

  • Mort Weiss wrote on February 08, 2013 report

    I've been asked many times-what is my favorite album that i've done-never thought much about it-but did some listening and I would have to say that it's the one that I did with Ron Eschete and the late Dave Carpenter,called "The Three Of Us" (it's a trio) esp. track #9 'my chours on "My Seceret Love" YEAH!!
    Best, Mort