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  • James Armstrong wrote on December 22, 2012 report

    Sounds like a good performance. I'm curious, though, as to why this venue would reasonably expect professional musicians to pay for the use of its hall. Realistically, $2,800 for the use of the site is untenable -- Thanks in advance for the reply. James Armstrong / San Jose, CA

  • Tessa Souter wrote on December 23, 2012 report

    James Armstrong. I have never heard of that. Perhaps they rent the space out for parties or weddings or something. But I did not rent the space – and neither did any of the other musicians I know who have played there. It’s like any other venue. We get hired and we actually GET paid.Wonderful! One of the best, in fact.

  • Bill Leikam wrote on December 23, 2012 report

    James: The Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society rents the place for weddings, parties and the like but never, ever does a musicians/band ever pay to play at Pete Douglas' place. Pete invites the musicians to play and he pays them well. Please get your facts straight before posting.

    Bill Leikam

  • James Armstrong wrote on December 27, 2012 report

    @Leikam, what part of the facts are you disagreeing with ? Here's a direct quote from your colleague's website:

    "...Cost $2,800 plus any extras like sound/stage equipment. Additional $500 for the living room area for music presentations. Rental includes tables and chairs. Catering is a separate contract..."

    As a former union musician, I can tell you from firsthand experience that pay-to-play burns professional musicians. Do you believe that musician wages in this region have actually improved over the last ten years ?

    Realistically, the venue's website needs to be revised to reflect its actual business practices. Until then, knock off the ad hominem attacks.

  • Mort Weiss wrote on January 29, 2013 report

    Tessa Souter is the COMPLETE & TOTAL PACKAGE in the commuinacation of the telling and expressing ALL of the nauances of emotion in this game of life-love & the invitable heart break of the "time and the rivers" and the ebb & flow of ones destiny- that of being-eternaley alone-always, alone.
    More of my thoughts on this artist in my next Mort Report---------Mort Weiss