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  • Mort Weiss wrote on December 21, 2012 report

    Jazz was meant to be dance music-drinking music-F**king music-SAD on the way to plant someone Eg. "saint James infermery" and on the way back to the happy boistrus wake DIDN'T HE RAMBLE? Made you pat you foot & smile-made you shake your head and say YEAH!!! made one if they really dug -Feel oh so GOOD DEEP DOWN INSIDE:))

    Enter the academics-as in send in the clones-and the dissecteting and the deep probes looking for the realities from which all the above came- and then P.C. and i dont mean the bass player -then the innernet where we can strut our stuff about the supposed wisdom one has chosen from the jazz opinion flaver of the day.

    Most of these pontificaters (about Jazz) as what it is-and what it's supposed to be -& where it's going and whos saying what on their ax-and whos saying it correctly-infaditiem- Have never been on the stand with a kickass rhythm section behind them and just leting it all hang out- and if found them selves in such a situation would atuomaticly swith from right brain to left brain- to no brain in a raw effort to keep from sinking into the void of theroitical nonsense from which they came!

    But, the Mayans were wrong- and who's to say that I'M Right. More importantly- Keep those love offerings comming- Re the Choen Bros. " the dude abides" and so do I. Mort